Please find some of the statement some of my wonderful clients have said about me.  I have enjoyed working with everyone of them.  I am glad that I have found them a home, but I also miss talking to them on a regular basis.  I wish them all so many good things.  Here are some reviews that were put on Zillow.com:  http://www.zillow.com/profile/Shelly-Good/Reviews/

Miss Shelly, we would like to THANK YOU!  You went above and beyond. You're the Greatest!  Thanks Much, Sandy and Rhashell. 

We were so fortunate to have Shelly Good for our realtor when we moved to Casper, WY.  We picked per based on a flyer she had prepared for a listing.  The flyer had so many pictures and dimensions of the various rooms in the home, it made it possible to see what the home was like without actually going to the location. Shelly went above and beyond what a person would normally expect from a realtor. She was a "step ahead" all the way through the purchasing process. She became our "full-time guardian angel". Laurie P.

Thank you very much for helping me with my first home.  You made it very easy and enjoyable. Thank you!!  Brady M. 

Thank you Shelly for helping Brady (from above) in finding and buying his first home. As parents we can't thank you enough for all your honesty, integrity, guidance, and kindness.  You are a true gem in your profession.  Mr. and Mrs. M

Our realtor, Shelly Good, did a PHENOMENAL job!  Ross and Abby J.

I would like to send you a heartfelt thanks for all you've done over the past few months.  You have been professional, helpful, and made this the best real estate experience I have ever had.  I appreciate your efforts.  Jim T.

We all so greatly appreciated all you did to assist us in finding our home where we can thrive as a family. Thank you for being more than our realtor.   Thank you for becoming our friend.  Dr. T and Mrs. T

We cannot imagine not having you along to help us through this.  Thank you for replacing bad memories with good ones - Priceless.  Your overwhelming generousity has left our family speechless. Thank you!  Delbert and Nancy S.

Thank you for going above and beyond and helping us purchase a home and selling our home.   Brandon and Kristy R.

You have been so helpful, and I feel we have become friends. Tammy P.

Anytime you need a reference, let me be the one. Will R.

I have never seen a house sell so fast as you sold ours. John and Betty R.

Shelly, where do I start.. You ARE the best realtor in Casper by far. We're so grateful to have your help with our return to Casper and buying our hew home.  I'm sad that we won't get to look at houses together anymore, but very happy to have our new home. Thank you so very much for your kindness and patience and generosity.  Love ya, Cindy, Tracy and the Girls.

We do appreciate the work you did on our behalf.  It was a tough situation, but you were so helpful.  Nic and Carolyn K.

The tough part is deciding who you trust as an expert.  I chose you.  Excellent performance as a intermediary.  Hap G.

You are a wonderful agent!  Thank you for all that you have done for us with the many CMA's you have completed for free, the helpful advice, and selling our home!!   Ken and Calla H.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!! Scott and Cassie P.

We will definitely enjoy the new oven you purchased for us. Michael and Heidi B.

Our last agent hurt us.  Thank you so much for helping us, staging our home, and selling our home.  Honestly, Shelly, you don't have to do an open house every Sunday!  Todd and Nicol K.

Thank you for showing us so many homes.  We got a great deal.  Bob and Georgene T.

Thanks again for all of your time, your kindness, and your knowledge!!  You were wonderful to work with--we really got blessed!  Lark L.

I love the view from my new house.  It has everything that I asked you to find.  Thank you for helping my Mom when she came into town. Garrett K.

Thank you for working so hard for us.  Dennis and Susan G.

Thank you cleaning our house, supervising the wall repair and new carpet installation, staging our home, and selling it so fast.   Bob and Nancy L.

We had a crazy seller, but we were so lucky to have a nice real estate agent! Bryan and Heather M.

I wish I had two houses for you to sell.  You made it easy.  Jay and Morgan L.

Thank you for helping me get our dream place. I found a real estate agent, but I found a friend in the process.  Jerome E.

Great house! and our Grandchilren have a great yard to play in.  Thank you for all your help with our lender and helping get all the information that they needed. Jerry and Patty P.

We are safe and secure in the home you helped us find. Clint and Carla P.

You rock!  Travis and Tennille G.

I appreciate your honesty and integrity.  Thank you for seeing my vision.  Bernie S.

Thank you taking care of all the little details for us since we had already moved.   Jacqueline S.

You are so good at what you do.  Please don't ever stop. Dean and Shana P.

Thank you for showing me so many homes.  I am so glad I found a home for my children and me.  I will miss looking at houses with you.  Kathy H.

You have become my friend.  You are just like a daughter to me.  Caroline L.

Thank you for helping us find a wonderful home and fabulous yard.  Thanks for checking on us after the closing.  Doug and Stacy G.


Thank you for showing us so many homes.  Please accept these 100 Lilac bushes from us as a thank you for all that you did. Brad and Dawn M.

You helped make the purchase of my home easy. Don K.

Anyway, we LOVE our new home!  Thanks so much for helping us find the "right" one for us!  Jerimy and Kristin

I trust you! Erma S.

I will never pick another agent but you. I have never had an agent do as much as you did for us.  You are wonderful!  Nancy B.

I can say I have had a wonderful experience with every client except one person.  I still to this day do not know what happened.  He was mad at me, the buyers, the inspectors, and, I think, mad about having to move.  But with the good I wanted to include the bad also.  I won't be repeating some of his words however.  I don't believe on dwelling on the negative, and I still feel bad about this one.  I could not make him happy.  Shelly