Please find some of the statement some of my wonderful clients have said about me.  I have enjoyed working with everyone of them.  I am glad that I have found them a home, but I also miss talking to them on a regular basis.  I wish them all so many good things.  Here are some reviews that were put on

Thank you Shelly for being the best realtor!  For always making yourself available, for your great knowledge, and for your overall kindness!  You didn't make us feel like just another client, you really did care about the well being of our family!  Thank you for everything :)  The A Family

Shelly was great to work with! She went above and beyond to get us into our dream home. She was easy to talk to about what we wanted and always put our interests first! We had a house built and she was always checking in with the builders and making sure everything was done to our standards. Kala E

Shelly is the best!! Shelly Good spent 3 maybe even 4 years with my husband and I until we found the perfect home for our family. Who does that!? Shelly was always available to show us homes and thoroughly discussed the qualities and some not so good qualities of the homes/properties. We  settled on building a home and even that was a process in selecting the builder and land. She knew EVERYTHING and everyone. Shelly has a heart of gold and truly cares about your needs and desires in purchasing a home. Shelly became a friend. I cannot express the quality of person Shelly Good is. She is true through and through. Matt and Kelli E.

Miss Shelly Good is better than that she's GREAT... my situation was not an easy one but Shelly worked very hard to get my house for me. I didn't know what to do but I could call or stop by anytime she always found the solution and was very happy to help with all of my issues. I'm am totally satisfied and would recommend Shelly Good to everyone. Sandy C.

Miss Shelly, we would like to THANK YOU!  You went above and beyond. You're the Greatest!  Thanks Much, Sandy and Rhashell.

It took us six months to find the right house and in that time we looked at many. Because we were living in an apartment we wanted to find a house as soon as possible and at times would have been willing to take the first seemingly decent one that came along. Shelly saved us from making this big mistake. She searched crawl spaces and found water problems, pointed out foundation problems, she was very thorough in her inspections and she knew a lot about structures and how things should be. I know her to be a truly honest person and she puts her clients best interests above the sale."
Paul and Lennie M

We were so fortunate to have Shelly Good for our realtor when we moved to Casper, WY.  We picked per based on a flyer she had prepared for a listing.  The flyer had so many pictures and dimensions of the various rooms in the home, it made it possible to see what the home was like without actually going to the location. Shelly went above and beyond what a person would normally expect from a realtor. She was a "step ahead" all the way through the purchasing process. She became our "full-time guardian angel". Laurie P.

Shelly helped me to purchase my first home as an early-twenty-something single lady unfamiliar with Casper. First, Shelly helped me to find a short term living arrangement until I could find a home to buy. She took the time to tour me around town, describing the neighborhoods, pros and cons, etc. She also checked the safety, sex offender list, etc. for each home location I was interested in. She has a vast knowledge of the area and the process as she helped me through a number of offers and finally the closing on my first home. Shelly never pushed the sale and helped me to see anything that may need repaired so that I went into the buying process eyes wide open. For Shelly, the job didn’t end at closing. She checked in with me often and helped me to find a plumber, electrician, carpenter etc. as needed. I have worked with a number of realtors over the years and would recommend Shelly to anyone looking to purchase a home! She is honest, patient and knows her stuff! Kelly C.

Shelly was a joy to work with. Shelly was well organized and made sure the I’s were dotted and the T’s were crossed as well as being a superb representative for us. We would recommend her without question.  Justin V user46202398

Shelly is the best!! Shelly Good spent 3 maybe even 4 years with my husband and I until we found the perfect home for our family. Who does that!? Shelly was always available to show us homes and thoroughly discussed the qualities and some not so good qualities of the homes/properties. We settled on building a home and even that was a process in selecting the builder and land. She knew EVERYTHING and everyone. Shelly has a heart of gold and truly cares about your needs and desires in purchasing a home. Shelly became a friend. I cannot express the quality of person Shelly Good is. She is true through and through.  Matt and Kelli E.

Shelly spent close to two years helping us look for the home that would fit us the best. She was incredibly patient and encouraged us not to rush into a home that didn’t meet the list of things that we were after. When we finally found a home that we liked, she guided us through the process of selling our old home and buying the new home. We had purchased two homes prior to this one and we never truly understood the real estate process. Shelly took the time and made sure we understood the entire process. Through her guidance we were able to sell our home in under two weeks. Brian A

Best Realtor in Casper!!!!
Would never use another. Brad B.

Thank you very much for helping me with my first home.  You made it very easy and enjoyable. Thank you!!  Brady M. 

Shelly helped us find a house. She was very diligent in helping us! Appreciated her insight and knowledge. She was very willing to work with our schedules and prompt in getting things done and in order. Ron & Kathy Lay

Thank you Shelly for helping Brady (from above) in finding and buying his first home. As parents we can't thank you enough for all your honesty, integrity, guidance, and kindness.  You are a true gem in your profession.  Mr. and Mrs. M

Our realtor, Shelly Good, did a PHENOMENAL job!  Ross and Abby J.

I would like to send you a heartfelt thanks for all you've done over the past few months.  You have been professional, helpful, and made this the best real estate experience I have ever had.  I appreciate your efforts.  Jim T.

We all so greatly appreciated all you did to assist us in finding our home where we can thrive as a family. Thank you for being more than our realtor.   Thank you for becoming our friend.  Dr. T and Mrs. T

We cannot imagine not having you along to help us through this.  Thank you for replacing bad memories with good ones - Priceless.  Your overwhelming generosity has left our family speechless. Thank you!  Delbert and Nancy S.

Thank you for going above and beyond and helping us purchase a home and selling our home.   Brandon and Kristy R.

You have been so helpful, and I feel we have become friends. Tammy P.

Anytime you need a reference, let me be the one. Will R.

I have never seen a house sell so fast as you sold ours. John and Betty R.

Shelly, where do I start.. You ARE the best realtor in Casper by far. We're so grateful to have your help with our return to Casper and buying our hew home.  I'm sad that we won't get to look at houses together anymore, but very happy to have our new home. Thank you so very much for your kindness and patience and generosity.  Love ya, Cindy, Tracy and the Girls.

We do appreciate the work you did on our behalf.  It was a tough situation, but you were so helpful.  Nic and Carolyn K.

The tough part is deciding who you trust as an expert.  I chose you.  Excellent performance as a intermediary.  Hap G.

You are a wonderful agent!  Thank you for all that you have done for us with the many CMA's you have completed for free, the helpful advice, and selling our home!!   Ken and Calla H.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!! Scott and Cassie P.

We will definitely enjoy the new oven you purchased for us. Michael and Heidi B.

Our last agent hurt us.  Thank you so much for helping us, staging our home, and selling our home.  Honestly, Shelly, you don't have to do an open house every Sunday!  Todd and Nicol K.

Thank you for showing us so many homes.  We got a great deal.  Bob and Georgene T.


Thanks again for all of your time, your kindness, and your knowledge!!  You were wonderful to work with--we really got blessed!  Lark L.

I love the view from my new house.  It has everything that I asked you to find.  Thank you for helping my Mom when she came into town. Garrett K.

Thank you for working so hard for us.  Dennis and Susan G.

Thank you cleaning our house, supervising the wall repair and new carpet installation, staging our home, and selling it so fast.   Bob and Nancy L.

We had a crazy seller, but we were so lucky to have a nice real estate agent! Bryan and Heather M.

I wish I had two houses for you to sell.  You made it easy.  Jay and Morgan L.

Thank you for helping me get our dream place. I found a real estate agent, but I found a friend in the process.  Jerome E.

Great house! and our Grand chilren have a great yard to play in.  Thank you for all your help with our lender and helping get all the information that they needed. Jerry and Patty P.

We are safe and secure in the home you helped us find. Clint and Carla P.

You rock!  Travis and Tennille G.

I appreciate your honesty and integrity.  Thank you for seeing my vision.  Bernie S.

Thank you taking care of all the little details for us since we had already moved.   Jacqueline S.

You are so good at what you do.  Please don't ever stop. Dean and Shana P.

Thank you for showing me so many homes.  I am so glad I found a home for my children and me.  I will miss looking at houses with you.  Kathy H.

You have become my friend.  You are just like a daughter to me.  Caroline L.

Thank you for helping us find a wonderful home and fabulous yard.  Thanks for checking on us after the closing.  Doug and Stacy G.


Thank you for showing us so many homes.  Please accept these 100 Lilac bushes from us as a thank you for all that you did. Brad and Dawn M.

You helped make the purchase of my home easy. Don K.

Anyway, we LOVE our new home!  Thanks so much for helping us find the "right" one for us!  Jerimy and Kristin

I trust you! Erma S.

I will never pick another agent but you. I have never had an agent do as much as you did for us.  You are wonderful!  Nancy B.

I really had a very good experience with Shelly. She literally fought with bank people on behalf of us. If she was not my agent, I wouldn't have probably bought my home. She gives very honest opinions. She will always fight for buyers. I will definitely recommend her to my friends.  Dr. Shilpa R.

Me and my family enjoyed working with her. she knows what she does and was very patient in helping us find the home we want. I even referred one of my friends to her and they bought home through her. Dr Vidya K.

Shelly is an amazing individual to work with when purchasing a home. When we decided to buy a new house, she was always readily available to show us properties - sometimes more than once. Our search lasted several months and her patience never faltered - even as our preferences evolved and we  started to contradict ourselves on what we were looking for. Shelly pointed out noteworthy observations about any property we looked at - whether it be good or bad. Her extensive knowledge of construction and general contracting was priceless. She was the first to get on a ladder to check out a roof or grab a flashlight to check out a crawlspace or basement. Once we found the right one put an offer on a house, she demonstrated her ability to translate what she learned about us into meaningful wins for us during negotiations. She picked up on things that we were not thrilled about and found a way to have those issues addressed prior to closing. Many of these things may have been issues that we would not have pursued had she not assured us it was ok and that the worst that could happen was the other party would say "no" (a specific example would be that Shelly knew we didn't like the fact that there was not a door into the master bedroom closet and she asked the seller to frame it for a doorway and install a door - it wasn't a deal breaker, but Shelly knew we wanted it and she wanted to make sure we loved everything about our new home). When we had some issues more than a year after the purchase, Shelly was still there for us offering a helping hand whenever needed. I cannot recommend Shelly enough - she is the best! Steve V

I read the reviews on Shelly and that is how I found her. Everything the wonderful reviews say about her were absolutely true and more. My mother was a real estate agent in another state and so I have had plenty of experience with multiple real estate agents growing up and honestly have never come  across one more honest,thorough, hard working and passionate about her job, as well as the welfare of her clients. You will never have a hard time getting a hold of you and she will walk you through every step of the way. She is truly an amazing real estate agent, as well as person. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their house and going with anyone else will make your real estate more frustrating than it needs to be.  Guy and Misty C

I met Shelly at an Open House she was hosting and after visiting with her, I knew I had found the realtor for me! She answered question upon question and was very focused, honest and knowledgeable. 

She was always extremely patient and accommodating. Even at her busiest of times, I
always felt like I was her highest priority. She communicates with you every step of the way.

I have purchased and sold a number of homes over the years and without a doubt, Shelly is the best realtor I’ve ever worked with. Her clients are her first priority and, she makes you feel like you’re her most important one! She is honest, ethical, knowledgeable and to say “she goes the extra mile” is an understatement. One of the most impressive things about Shelly is her technical “hands on” knowledge of the home itself – the construction. Couple that with her willingness (and eagerness) to “get in the middle of things”. I watched her get up on the roof, crawl in the attic, pull up carpet, look behind things all to ensure there will be no surprises. She scheduled all inspections and was there for every one. Then she got at least three (3) bids for all the work that came up as a result of the inspections. With my work schedule, this was important to me and very much appreciated.

Shelly is a true professional who will work tirelessly to find the perfect home, no matter how long it may take. She’s not happy until you are happy. If you ever have need for a realtor, call Shelly …….you’ll be glad you did!  Debra W.

In all of our house buying and selling, we have never found a realtor or broker who worked as hard for us as Shelly did. She made what can be a painful process much less so to the point we enjoyed it. I was almost sorry to close on a house because then I had to see less of her. We consider her a  precious friend even though we had not known her before house-hunting. She advocated for us with getting bids for repairs and negotiating with the sellers with such seeming grace that the buyers and sellers ended up liking each other. She has made our move to Wyoming a joy.  A zillow review user988174

Shelly has good knowledge and understanding of the area and the market. She showed us all the homes that we wanted to see, which was a lot. Shelly was upfront and honest about the shortcomings of homes. She had the paperwork ready and accurate when it came time to close on our house. Everything  went smoothly. Shelly helped us find the home we wanted at a great price. Bob and Georgene T.

Shelly has done an exceptional job on the selling of my house. She went way overboard on clarifying a couple of techinical issues that weighed pretty heavy on the sale of my home. Shelly is a true professional and does mKe sure that all details are addressed. She has a first hand knowledge of  the area that she works in and understands the Casper marketplace.  Dennis and Susie G.

Shelly has handled several sales for me and my family, she is extremely knowledgeable, attentive and personable! Shelly works diligently to help a deal materialize and knows how to "make it happen". When any potential real estate deals present themselves, Shelly would be my first phone call!! She's  not just Good, she's the BEST!  Donna M

I consider myself a seasoned real estate buyer, I have bought and sold a few properties over the years. But previously I had never experienced an agent who worked for me the way Shelly worked. I found her to be totally honest and responsive. Her work at staging my home for online promotion was  remarkable. She encouraged me to list the home for a bit more than I was planning to list it for and then presented me with a great offer within 48 hours of listing the home. I have recommended her to friends who all experience the same service and professionalism.  Brenda F.

My family and I moved to Casper, Wy in the summer of 2009 and Shelly was recommended to us by a family friend. In my opinion Shelly is a great agent. As my wife can attest to, I don't make any decision quickly and I spend a lot of time researching things before I finally do make a decision. We  probably looked at a couple dozen different houses over the summer before finally settling on one. Throughout that whole time Shelly was always very patient with us. At no time did I ever feel any pressure to pick a house or to hurry up and make a decision. Whenever I had any questions about things, if Shelly didn't already know the answer, she did what she needed to to find the answer for me. Since purchasing our home, we have still contacted Shelly over the years whenever we've had a home related question that we've needed help with. I trust and respect Shelly and if we ever plan on moving again, she's the one I'm calling.  Doug and Stacy G.

We were so fortunate to have Shelly Good for our realtor when we moved to Casper, WY. We picked her based on a flyer she had prepared for a listing. The flyer had so many pictures and dimensions of the various rooms in the home, it made it possible to see what the home was like without actually  going to the location. Shelly went above and beyond what a person would normally expect from a realtor. She was a "step ahead" all the way through the purchasing process. She became our "full-time guardian angel."  a zillow reviewer user3125209  

We spent approximately eight months looking for "just the right house". We had moved in from out of state and were not accustomed to the types of homes available here in Casper. Shelly was very patient with us and was more than willing to show us any properties we were interested in. We at one  point looked into building, and once again, Shelly helped notify and set up meetings between us and potential contractors. We appreciate her not only for her professional knowledge, but for her business ethics, as well. We were blessed to have her as a realtor.  A zillow reviewer user19193422.

I would tell anyone that is looking for a Realtor to buy or sell to call Shelly. She is so very good on both ends she makes sure everyone is happy when she is done. She has sold 2 houses for us, neither one was easy, but she never gave up. Shelly is a good realtor has well as a good person.   Shelly will be the only Realtor we will ever call. a Zillow reviewr user4894765

Shelly Good is by far the best real estate agent I have ever worked with. We've bought 3 houses and sold 2 and worked with 4 different agents through it all. She sold our home when we were relocated to Colorado 2 years ago and she had a buyer before we even listed it. Then we were transferred back  to Wyoming we didn't hesitate to call Shelly to help us find a new home. Shelly has always been completely honest with us in all her actions. She's more than willing to negotiate for you and make sure that you're never taken advantage of. She also has very high standards when it comes to buying or selling your home. Shelly made looking at houses easy and comfortable. She was always more than willing and able to work around our busy schedules and never minded having my young kids tag along. She would show us any property that we wanted to see and was very knowledgeable about the homes and didn't hesitate to point out the good and bad parts of the property. Shelly is kind hearted, friendly, hard working and honest, everything you want in a Great Real Estate Agent! Tracy and Cindy W

Shelly was easy to work with - she was kind and professional. She was easy to get a hold of and quick to respond to messages that were left for her. Given that the sellers were being incredibly difficult, Shelly did her best to make the process less painful. Heather M.

Shelly was the listing agent of the home we wanted to see and we contacted her as we did not have a REALTOR. We liked her honesty and dedication from the moment we met. She ended up selling us the home she had listed, the first one she showed to us. Her attention to detail is remarkable and she  makes sure nothing is missed or overlooked. Shelly went above and beyond for us and closed the deal in record time. We will be forever grateful for her hard work, and will never use another agent. Highly, highly, highly recommend. Mike and Heidi B

Shelly is bar-none the best real estate agent I have ever dealt with. She was never pushy or overbearing at any time while we looked for homes. When we decided on a home, she was extremely organized and thorough in her paperwork. She arranged for all of the inspections to be done and was  present when they were performed. When there was a misunderstanding over a roofing project, she reduced her own pay to help settle the mishap. She is very personable, knowledgeable, hardworking, and dedidated to her work. I wouldn't hesistate to recommend or use Shelly again in the future. Mike and Megan L.

As first time home buyers we were every impressed with the service we got from Shelly. She was prompt to return calls, honest, informative, patient, and fights for her client. Very happy she represented us and we will use her again if we ever have the need. Highly recommended.

What a real go getter....Shelly was recomended to me by a co-worker and what a wonderful recomendation she turned out to be... Very professional to work with and what a hard worker she is....A+++++ would recomend to everyone

If you are lucky enough to work with Shelly consider yourself in good hands! As I mortgage lender I work with many of the realtors in Casper and she is among the top. I find that Shelly truly looks out for her clients; has their best interest at heart and is completly, 100% trusworthy. She will  fight for her clients and not stop until their best has been achieved. I highly recommend Shelly Good. Susanne Kivela Mortgage Loan Originator. Suzanne K

Shelly took the time to explain how the housing market was when I was trying to sell my house. She made recommendations to help me sell. She is very honest in her dealings I HAD NO surprises at all. I would contact her immediately if I was going to return to the Casper area.

Shelly is simply put, the best. When my sister passed away very unexpectedly I found myself in the unfortunate position of having to take care of her probate and then sell her home. I placed a for sale by owner sign in the yard and one of Shelly's clients saw it and immediately called me. In the  end, Shelly did everything for us and the buyer. It was a heartbreaking and very difficult time for my family and Shelly was compassionate, kind and there every step of the way. The only other thing that I could say, is that in a world where I think ethics are a low priority, Shelly has an abundance!! Sherrill M.

We had Shelly help us sell our house in the country and then she helped us find another home in town. She did everything that she could to make sure that all was right before we bought our new home. I would recommend Shelly Good to anyone who is looking to either sell or buy a home. Neeta A.

It was my distinct pleasure to have worked with Shelly Good in the selling of my rural property and the purchase of my new property in Casper. We had attempted to sell our rural property west of Casper for a period which exceeded a year with another real estate agency with absolutely no results.   I had heard extremely good things from my sister who had purchased and sold multiple properties through Shelly and enlisted her help after practically giving up on selling my rural property. Shelly advised us of the current difficulties associated with our rural property and advised us who to contact to get the appropriate certification. Shelly took beautiful and concise pictures of our property and worked them in open houses at every opportunity. Shelly was always available for questions and could be counted on to handle any and all details that popped up during the sale period. Shelly, at the same time, showed us new properties so that when we had sold our property, we would be in good shape to close on another home. I undoubtedly will contact her immediately should I ever decide to relocate again and I would, without fail, recommend her at every opportunity to anyone needing her assistance. Bill A.

Details, details, details - she's got them covered. She makes sure you're getting the right home for you. She sees the things that may be unseen by the untrained eye. She takes a personal interest in making sure your home is safe and sound.  John G.

Shelly sold our house in a timely manner for a fair price. She worked harder than any Realtor I’ve ever met before and made the entire process smooth and easy. She would be the first person I would call if I decided to sell my current house.  Jay L.

Oh my where do I start . Shelly you are a Godsend. Your very knowledgeable and your help with my mother in laws house ,we couldn't of done it without you . You are also the best realtor that cares about everything you do . You also care about the people you work with. We will use you time and time again thank you so much. Randy and Barb H.

Bought a house in April of 2015. Shelly helped me find the house, and her expertise was next to none in making sure that my purchase has would not become a money pit later! She made sure repairs and inspections we're done timely and correctly. She worked her tail off to get my buying experience go without any hick ups! Very pleased with her and her efforts! As she still checks back from time to time to insure all is well! I highly respected her and will recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor that puts the client needs first.  Rusty S.

Knowledgeable and personable. She will do what it takes to sell your house and still keep you satisfied. Donna L

We had an excellent experience with Shelly. She was patient with us and helped find the perfect home for our family. She worked so hard to make sure all our needs were met. From a new roof on the house to a radon testing and mitigation system. Shelly sold our previous home in a month. On both ends of the spectrum, we saw such strong character in who she is and in her work ethic. Couldn’t have been happier. And very grateful for her! Damon and Sarah  G


I can say I have had a wonderful experience with every client except one person.  I still to this day do not know what happened.  He was mad at me, the buyers, the inspectors, and, I think, mad about having to move.  But with the good I wanted to include the bad also.  I won't be repeating some of his words however.  I don't believe on dwelling on the negative, and I still feel bad about this one.  I could not make him happy.  Shelly