Please find below several examples of the contracts you might be using in your negotiations for a home.  These were last updated In February of 2018.

Real Estate Brokerage Disclosure - This explains the different relationships within a Real Estate Transaction and how a real estate agent can represent you.  When you are dealing with any agent, please know who they are truly representing.

Lead Based Paint Disclosure - All homes built prior to 1978 have a possibility that the home may have been painted with lead based paint.  Since lead based paint can cause many health risks for young children.  It is very important that you understand the risks! 

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Consent Amendment and In-Company Transaction Disclosure - This document is used to further accentuate that your agent's real estate representation is changing.  For example, you have been working with an agent, and they are representing you as a buyer's agent, but you are making an offer on the agent's or his/her office's listing.  In most cases, your relationship will change to an Intermediary. This document further explains the change.

Contract to Buy and Sell Residential Real Estate - This is the contract that you will using when you make an offer on a home.  It is where you will negotiate your terms.  Any further negotiation can be used on a Counter offer, amendment, or addendum. 

Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Contract - This is one of the contracts that can be used to list your home. 

Exclusive Buyer's Agency Agreement - This is the contract that that can be used to make sure an agent represents their Buyer

Seller's Property Disclosure to Prospective Buyers - This is the contract that Seller's can fill out for information on the property for Buyers.  This is serious! When the Seller fills this out, please make sure it is correct!  Buyers please read through it carefully and make sure if you have any questions, we address them at the time the contract is written.