Please print the attached a Uniform Residential Loan Application in PDF format. 

Loan Application Checklist

Preparation in advance will help the process go smoother. The following list encompasses the documents and items a loan officer will most likely need to have to process your home loan.  Please deliver to your lender of choice the following items:

They may require more information, but this will definitely get you on your way to moving into a new home.  If I can help at any step of the way, please call me at 307-251-0863 or email me at

Additional documentation might be required, depending upon your specific situation. Keep in touch with the lender during the process to confirm they have everything they need. It's not uncommon to get into a file only to determine more documentation is needed. Maintaining patience is important throughout this process.


Lenders in Casper

American National Bank

Bank of The West

First Interstate Bank

Hilltop National Bank

Jonah Bank

U S Bank

Wells Fargo Bank


Your Next Step:

While you are at your chosen lender, please request the following:

  1. Good Faith Estimate:  It helps the consumer to understand the costs of their loan.  It also helps the consumer compare one Lender's fees with another Lender's fee to help the consumer decided on a Lender. Please keep in mind that these are estimates.  They can vary at the time of closing.
  2. Ask for a Pre-Qualification letter or a Pre-Approval Letter.  Please bring this letter into me so we are prepared for your offer.  Pre-Approval is best!!!

A Pre-Approval letter indicates that the Lender has completed a thorough analyis of your credit, income, and assets has been completed and you are pre-approved by a lender for a specific loan amount.

Getting pre-qualified and/or pre-approved by a reputable mortgage company is the first step in buying a property, and should be done before you start looking for your new home because it will let you and your Realtor know the price range of your new home.